Penis Enlargement Exercises

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If you are looking to make your penis bigger and larger penis enlargement exercises is recommended as the natural method to  help you. This method has gone through a number of clinical studies and trials and proved to be effective and safe. Penis enlargement exercises really work because our body natural capability to adapt under certain physical influence. In this article we will look further into detail several techniques of penis enlargement exercises which commonly used to enlarge penis.

There are jelqing, penis stretching and kegel.

Jelqing is one of the famous method to increse penis size. This exercise is capable to increase your penis length and girth permanently. Jelqing also is known as milking because this exercise is similar when milking a cow. Before doing this exercises you have to apply lubricant or baby oil to your penis to avoid blisters, skin irritation and hand fatigue. It is important to make sure your penis is half erect prior to jelq. Then use thumb and forefinger of a hand to grip tightly at the base and slide slowly and gently that hand toward the tip. The same action is repeated by another hand nonstop for 10 minutes. This exercises is aimed to increase blood flow into your penis (or Corpora Cavernosa exactly) as much as possible, thus make your penis visibly larger.

The second method is penis stretching. Penis stretching is a simple method of penis enlargement exercises used with either bare hand or with certain type of device. Penis stretching is performed when your penis is half erect by stretch it out as far as it will go in front of your body gently and gradually. The stretch should not be so hard and and can cause pain, but rather to stretch to its maximum comfortable limit.  Do it for 30 seconds and rest 10 seconds before repeat it for 10 minutes. Penis stretching makes tissues around your penis expand thus increase its length and girth.

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises are focus to make pubococcygeus muscles stronger. Exercising this muscles will give you a stronger erections. Kegel exercise can be performed anywhere as you please because the exercise not require specific movement or devices. First you need to locate pubococcygeus muscles, a good way to  tell where the muscle is by stop or slow down the urine stream during urination. Focus on the muscle you use to do that.

Natural Penis enlargement do not only just work, but these method is the best natural way to enlarge your penis . The method is natural, safe, effective and not costly. You have to invest a part your time and make it work for you.